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You and Me (Toi et Moi) A light-hearted and breezy French film exploring the ups and downs of romantic love in the lives of two sisters.
Hotel for Dogs A fetching and funny family film with special appeal to dog lovers.
Two Brothers An extraordinary film about two wild tigers and the human beings who are changed irreparably by their encounters with these magnificent and mysterious creatures.
Sunshine Cleaning A delightful dramedy propelled by the winsome performances of Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, and Alan Arkin
Private Property A tightly structured family drama that accurately portrays the domestic wars that can drive family members apart.
Sisters A raucous comedy about two wild and wayward sisters who just want to have fun.
Walking on Sunshine A melodramatic love story propelled by a rousing batch of 80s pop hits.
Beloved Sisters An alluring performance by Hanna Herzsprung as a passionate, creative, and accomplished woman who is used to getting what she wants.
Song One An emotionally rich drama about the healing powers of music.
Conviction The incredible true story of a crusading sister and the love that animates her 18-year fight to free her brother from prison.