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Loaves, Fishes, and Leftovers Thinking of sin as not just a personal matter, but as social and collective.
The Virtue in the Vice On finding virtues that correspond to each of the Seven Deadly Sins.
God's Tender Mercy Joan Chittister on how Jesus models a loving acceptance of those who have trouble doing what is right and religiously proper.
Dorothee Soelle Dorothee Soelle on our capacity to love being the most essential element of Christian faith.
Seeing with Our Souls Joan Chittister on the meaning of compassion.
The Thorny Grace of It All Brian Doyle on why confession is good for the soul.
Original Blessing Unspools an adventuresome new paradigm for Christianity.
Fasting Scott McKnight on the benefits of fasting for a day to open our eyes to suffering of the poor and hungry.
Be Still And Know A reflection on divinization or becoming God as the destiny of the human being.
Envy Explores this toxic emotion with wit and verve.