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Weddings are God's joy given to the world Weddings are God's joy given to the world
Letter to Brezhnev A fresh, gritty, humorous, and winning love story.
Silence and laughter Silence and laughter
When I Walk A poignant documentary about the love and support needed by victims of multiple sclerosis.
Sex, Love, and Dharma Hindu wisdom that explains why some marriages last.
Oliver A creative children's book about an oddball little boy who loves solitude but finds new possibilities for himself.
The Perks of Being a Wallflower The rousing coming-of-age journey of a shy, smart, and sensitive high-school freshman who emerges from his shell to savor life.
Café de Flore A moving drama about how love is refined through troubles in the lives of a devoted mother in 1969 Paris and a middle-aged man in 2011 Montreal.
Sex, Love, and Dharma Hindu wisdom on sex, food, sleep, and relationships.
Beauty and the Beast A wonder-filled live-action version of the romantic story that also offers us lessons common in good fairy tales.
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