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Spiritual Director, Spiritual Companion Surveys the subject and discusses how important qualities of the soul are nurtured in spiritual companionship.
Streams of Grace Wise and edifying advice from a sagacious nineteenth-century spiritual director.
The Enneagram and Spiritual Direction A very helpful resource for spiritual directors.
Spiritual Guidance Across Religions A valuable overview of the need for and practice of interfaith spiritual direction.
Spiritual Direction Key insights into Christian spiritual direction and the importance of listening, devotion, and the quest for meaning.
In Wisdom's Kitchen Explores the many dimensions to an intimacy with divine love.
Exploring Spiritual Direction Uses the images of battle, pilgrimage, and sacrifice to describe the essence of Christian companionship.
Tending the Holy Explores some of the exciting and dramatic new paths in this field.
Letters of Direction Letters on the basics of spiritual direction.
Handbook of Spirituality for Ministers Provides care and support for clergy.