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The Bling Ring A sharp-edged portrait of a band of amoral teenage thieves in California who have a passion for fashion, a yearning to have more, and a desire for cheap thrills.
Breaking and Entering A thought-provoking and ethically charged film that greatly expands our moral understanding of the act of stealing.
Dekalog: Seven An exploration of stealing expanded into the various ways we take from others their freedom, dignity, love, or understanding.
The Bank Job A spiffy heist flick that spins a complicated web of crime and reveals the importance of secrets to the rich and the powerful.
Mistress America A comedy about two stepsisters finding ways to support each other during a period of transition in both their lives.
The Monuments Men A morally cogent film based on a true story that lifts one's spirits
(Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies An insightful and entertaining documentary about the epidemic of lying and cheating afoot in the United States.
A Stray A parabolic film about a Somali refugee who lives on the streets of Minneapolis with his devoted dog.
The Lesson A moral drama with plenty to teach us about the difficulties of living an ethical life.
The Circle A dystopian story that raises key questions about whether technology really serves the common good.