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The Hours A mesmerizing and multidimensional drama based on a Pulitzer prize-winning novel about the yearning of three women and their varied paths to passion, meaning, and happiness.
Humankind is at a moment of decision Humankind is at a moment of decision
Summer in February A relatively alluring period drama set in an artist's colony in Cornwall in 1913.
'Night Mother Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning play, examines the complex roots of suicide.
The Hedgehog A tender love story on many levels that will soften your heart with its sweet surprises.
A Confluence of Time, Culture, Deaths, and Politics I have been using black binders to store my writings, reviews, and quotations by others since 1969 when Mary Ann and I started Cultural Information Service, which morphed over the years into Living …
Phil Dramedy about a depressed middle-ager who tries to unravel the mysteries of life.
Honey A thought-provoking moral thriller about a euthanasia activist in Italy.
A Prayer for Those Suffering from Depression An estimated 21 million Americans experience some form of depression every year. It is an emotionally, physically, and spiritually depleting disease that can lead to suicide. We are still reelin…
Louder Than Bombs A serious and sobering drama about the solo journeys of grief by a father and his two sons.