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We Are Data A review of the many ways we are relinquishing our privacy.
Eduardo Galeano in Upside Down The market for private police
Spectre The 24th Bond film in which the macho hero addicted to peril must choose between the path of revenge or love.
The Divergent Series: Allegiant A tolerable slice of dystopian life in a future much like our times.
National Bird A profile of three whistleblowers who are very critical of America's secret drone program.
Black Code A documentary on threats to online freedom from malevolent cyberware used by governments, militants, and criminals.
Disposable Futures The implications of a new intimacy between digital technologies and cultures of surveillance.
We Are Data A masterful overview of the complex, scary, and revealing world of digital culture.
Exposed Charts the perils of the new digital age
Heart of a Dog A content rich cine-essay that mines the many meanings of life, death, story, compassion, and beloved pets.