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Empire of Light A tribute to how kindness creates friendships and how movies can be transformative.
1917 An uncommonly good antiwar film about two British soldiers in World War I sent on a mission of mercy.
Spectre The 24th Bond film in which the macho hero addicted to peril must choose between the path of revenge or love.
Away We Go An incredibly original and appealing drama about the quest of two intimate lovers to find the perfect home to raise their child.
Revolutionary Road An unflinching look at the discontent of a suburban couple and the ways they deal with the death of their dream of liberation.
Jarhead Gulf War drama that shows in an odd and low-key way the absurdity of war and how Americans can be undone by their inability to wait.
Road to Perdition A rigorously structured and exquisitely filmed drama about a father and son connection that is a brief shooting star of love.
American Beauty A brilliantly acted and inventive satire on the American dream.