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Bede Griffiths Bede Griffiths on the West learning from the East how to restore the sacredness of every created thing.
Sacred Living Robin Hereens Lysne on walking with the Spirit.
Master of You How by becoming the Master of You you can evolve into a Leader of Us.
Science and Spiritual Practices A celebration of sharing spiritual practices
The Penguin Book of Spiritual Verse A startling and stimulating collection of poems from poets of many spiritual traditions as well as agnostics, Nones, Earth-lovers, and humanists, with a fine sampling of mystics.
Song of the Universe Barb Laski's poem "God Paints the Rainbows."
The Way of Imagination One of our favorite writers on seeing the world through the eyes of imagination.
A God That Could Be Real An atheist's spiritual journey to discover the practical dimensions of the Divine.
Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul An offering of Celtic spirituality and intuition to heal our communities and world.
The Darkness Divine A poem about the peace and mystery of the dark womb of creation.