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Mirrors Eduardo Galeano with two excerpts on the shadow side of life revealed through criminal statistics not counted and the lethal weapon of our cars.
The Violence of Love Inspiring quotations by this courageous Catholic archbishop.
Francis of Assisi Leonardo Boff on Francis of Assisi's strategy to liberate individuals from hatred and violence by practicing kindness and compassion.
The American Soul Jacob Needleman on justice being that which sees the place of everything.
Paradoxology Miriam Therese Winter on how all is connected within the divine milieu.
Faces of the Enemy What is necessary to counter our tendencies toward cruelty and revenge.
Urgent Message from Mother A clarion call for a woman's peace movement to combat violence in all sectors of our lives.
The Blindfold's Eyes A remarkable memoir of an extraordinary woman of faith whose ardent quest for justice and truth is a shining light for us all.
Violence Unveiled Challenges Christians to empathize with victims everywhere and to strive for a culture beyond violence.