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Dannel L. Schwartz in The Jewish Lights Spirituality Handbook Telling someone how much they mean to us
Thom Rutledge in Embracing Fear Tell on your fears
Claiming Your Disappointment A way to express your disappointment and say yes to it
Far from the Tree A reflection, prayer, and scripture to change our relationship to those we perceive as poor or weak.
Track Your Joy Sharing your joy and rejoicing in the joys of others.
Birthday of Gloria Steinem (PDP) Honoring the writer, journalist, activist, and founder of Ms. magazine.
Enough A prayer expressing feelings of frustration and inadequacy, and asking for God's sufficiency.
Acknowledge and Honor Your Dependence on Others A spiritual exercise to help you explore the moods and meanings of winter.
A Prayer for Strength A prayer to Our Rock and Refuge
Abiding in Christ Warming the heart for God.