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A Pledge Encouragement to make a commitment to further the idea of demilitarization.
Let There Be Life A prayer for light, love and life.
Remembering the My Lai Massacre Pondering the contemporary connections to a slaughter of the innocents during the Vietnam War.
Our Rich Nation A supplication for forgiveness for our failures and help to do what is right.
A Peace Psalm A sacred offering based on chapter thirty-one of the Tao Te Ching.
The Wrongs We Have Done A prayer of repentance for our complicity in wrongs done to others and to the earth.
Victims of Landmines A stirring plea for an end to violence and for realization of the universal bond that connects all humanity.
Megan McKenna in And Morning Came Widows and orphans are to be revered
Birthday of Philip Berrigan (PDP) Honoring the life and courage of a priest who became a voice for sanity through his nonviolent war resistance.