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Birthday of Flannery O'Connor Gems from the southern Christian writer who conveyed the wild ways salvation crashes life's party.
Birthday of E. M. Forster Remembering the British writer who advised that we "Only connect" by savoring our connections to special people and places.
Birthday of Isaac Bashevis Singer Celebrating this Nobel Prize for Literature winner by dipping into his short stories on the mystery of life.
Edward Hays in Secular Sanctity I see letters I have received as sacraments
Birthday of Dr. Seuss Ways to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss whose keen sense of play charms children and adults.
Doing What You Love Stop feeling guilty for doing what you enjoy.
Write a Letter of Love Remembering that we are all connected.
Disarming Your Tongue/Heart/Soul A practice of making lists of words and phrases that we could give up (hate, enemy, kill) and creating a new set (compassion, beloved earth, reverence, blessing) that builds up instead of destroys.
Thinking of You Reach out with postcards to friends and family.
I Am Prayers A practice of writing your own prayers for dealing with tragedy.