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Arctic A survival story that shifts gears into a spiritual parable about kindness and compassion.
After the Wedding An emotionally literate drama in which the characters must deal with their past and present choices.
Mother A touching documentary about the three virtues of a compassionate caregiver.
Los Reyes A gentle portrait of canine friendship in an urban skate park.
The Deported Stories of four immigrants and their families facing the heartbreak of deportation.
Rosie Moving drama about a suddenly homeless family dealing with the challenges of this increasingly common situation.
Tigerland A documentary about a century of conservation efforts to save tigers in India and Russia.
City of Joy An inspiring story of compassion and service in a program training rape victims to be community leaders.
Human Flow A meditative and visually stunning overview of the plight of refugees around the world.
The Insult A spiritual masterwork about the harm that can be done with cruel and dehumanizing words.