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Dark Waters A chronicle of courageous and tenacious investigations by a lawyer into harm caused by unregulated DuPont chemicals.
Carol A mesmerizing and emotionally rich movie set in the 1950s about a shop girl and an older well-to-do woman who fall in love.
Mildred Pierce A first-class treatment of disappointment and unhappiness in the life of a besieged woman living in Los Angeles during the 1930s.
I'm Not There A phantasmagorical trip that explores Bob Dylan as a mystery man and a shape-shifter par excellence.
Far from Heaven A remarkably alluring film about one suburban woman's yearning in the face of a discovery that shatters her cheery and tranquil suburban life.
Safe A haunting film about the havoc wrought on our immune systems by daily exposure to toxins and the spiritual starvation of many well-to-do people.