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Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am
Enlightening and wide-ranging documentary on the life and work of the great African-American writer.
The Gospel of Eureka
A gently moving portrait of a town standing at the crossroads of faith and freedom.
The Brink
Portrait of political operative Steve Bannon who presents himself as a rough rider on the right side of history.
Barbara Rubin and The Exploding NY Underground
A fascinating portrait of a "larger than life" filmmaker and collaborator.
Of Fathers and Sons
A rare opportunity to see how boys are immersed in violence and trained to become killers by a terrorist group.
Springsteen on Broadway
A breathtaking personal tribute by the songwriter/storyteller to the spirituality of place, relationships, and service.
The Dawn Wall
A suspenseful rock-climbing documentary with the power to lift spirits.
Pick of the Litter
A remarkably suspenseful account of the service dog training of five puppies.
American Chaos
Interviews with Trump supporters in the 2016 Presidential campaign that prove passion beats pragmatism.
Do You Trust This Computer?
An absorbing documentary on the implications of the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence.