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Jafar Panahi's Taxi
A cogent and playful documentary about the banned filmmaker's return to the streets of Teheran.
The Human Experiment
A harrowing look at the irresponsibility of the chemical industry which is making many products that are unsafe to use.
We Come as Friends
A riveting documentary that will bring your blood to a boil when you see how Africans are being exploited once again.
Web Junkie
A timely and thought-provoking documentary about efforts in China to deprogram teenagers addicted to Internet gaming.
Merchants of Doubt
A hard-hitting documentary exposing how a small band of right-wing zealots in spreading disinformation on climate change.
Miss Hill: Making Dance Matter
A documentary on the brilliant career of modern dancer and teacher Martha Hill.
Because I Was a Painter
A documentary bearing witness through art to suffering and death in Nazi concentration camps.
The Hand That Feeds
A rousing documentary about the creation and triumph of a small union in New York.
The Great Invisible
A hard-hitting documentary about one of the largest man-made environmental disaster in history.
Watchers of the Sky
An extraordinary documentary about a heroic peacemaker who coined the term "genocide" and fought to bring those responsible for mass killings to trial.