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The Witness
An effective and thought-provoking documentary about the mysteries surrounding the killing of Kitty Genovese.
A touching and humorous Canadian documentary about teenage mentors who teach a group of elders how to use computers and the Internet.
The Oath
A documentary on the toxic spin-offs from both Al-Qaeda and the U.S. War on Terror.
Disturbing the Peace
A substantive documentary lauding the efforts of Combatants for Peace to bring a two-state solution to Israel/Palestine.
Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo
A fascinating documentary about the high regard for insects in Japan and the cultural and spiritual reasons behind this phenomenon.
Heart of a Dog
A content rich cine-essay that mines the many meanings of life, death, story, compassion, and beloved pets.
Living in Emergency: Stories of Doctors Without Borders
A portrait of doctors doing their best in hellish circumstances that more than ever show their humanity and heroism.
Stone Reader
An extraordinary documentary that is both a lively and an illuminating tribute to the wonderful world of books.
Smash His Camera
A robust and snappy documentary about Ron Galella, the controversial photographer of America's superstars and celebrities.
First Cousin Once Removed
One of the best documentaries ever made on Alzheimer's which has been called the disease of the century.