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My Perestroika
An engrossing look at the impact of social, political, and cultural change on five Russians from the last generation brought up behind the Iron Curtain.
Certifiably Jonathan
A documentary about the elderly comedian Jonathan Winters and his quest to have his paintings exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art.
The Last Lions
An extraordinary documentary about a wild lioness who is doing all she can to nurture and defend her cubs as they face one challenge after another to survive.
The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975
A lively and fascinating glimpse of the Black Power Movement and its messages for America.
Cave of Forgotten Dreams
The German cinematic explorer Werner Herzog with a 3-D tour of the Chauvet Cave which houses art that is 30,000 years old.
A chilling documentary about Danish soldiers fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan.
Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer
A documentary that presents a long-needed overview of Eastern spirituality in our time with its emphasis on prayer, silence, and living icons.
The Desert of Forbidden Art
An unusual and fascinating documentary about the survival of avant-garde Soviet art thanks to the courage, imagination, and zeal of one collector.
Putty Hill
A creative and risky blend of a character-driven drama and a documentary about some alienated working-class people in a slummy suburb of Baltimore.
The Edge of Dreaming
A bold, creative, engrossing, and spiritual documentary about a rational woman's close encounter with death that changes her life and perspective.