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Nosferatu, The Vampyre Explores the Dracula legend in a way that is both serious and seductive.
Into the Abyss A documentary on capital punishment filled with small and humble human touches.
Encounters at the End of the World A visually stunning documentary about the scientists, dreamers, adventurers, philosophers, and creatures of Antarctica.
Cave of Forgotten Dreams The German cinematic explorer Werner Herzog with a 3-D tour of the Chauvet Cave which houses art that is 30,000 years old.
Fitzcarraldo A mesmerizing work of art about the adventures of a wild-eyed dreamer.
Wheel of Time An extraordinary documentary by German filmmaker Werner Herzog on a Buddhist ritual, held in Bodh Gaya, India, and Graz, Austria, in 2002 that attracted thousands of pilgrims.
Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World A bold and multidimensional documentary about the glories and the drawbacks of the Internet.
Grizzly Man A mesmerizing documentary by Werner Herzog about a young man obsessed with grizzly bears in the Alaskan wilderness.
Salt and Fire A visionary director's creative and challenging look at an ecological disaster.
Into the Inferno A visually spectacular Werner Herzog documentary about volcanoes and the magical responses they evoke in people.