Book Reviews

Anatomy of Love An enlightening and entertaining map of the adventure of love. Love
Pi Gu Chi Kung A step-by-step guide to a Taoist method of fasting. Nurturing
Pandora An enchanting children's picture book about loneliness, nurturing, kindness, loss, and renewal. Nurturing
The Souls of China A sturdy and incisive examination of China's diverse religious and spiritual revival. Meaning
101 Mindful Ways to Build Resilience Mindfulness practices to lift your spirits Attention
The Way Home in the Night A picture book revealing how a walk home can be a feast for the senses. Gratitude
The Zen of You & Me Ways to deal with differences through listening and compassion. Listening
The Stranger in the Woods A compelling, creative, and thoughtful portrait of a modern day hermit. You
Wendell Berry and the Given Life A timely and relevant summary of the life and work of Wendell Berry. Love
Hallelujah Anyway Worthwhile musings on grace, faith, mercy, and service. Kindness
Sacred Journeys A singular and enlightening devotional work for women. Devotion
James Martin Writings by a sensitive servant of God and teacher of Christian wisdom. Faith
God's Joyful Surprise A memoir about waking up to the presence of God's love. Love
When the Heart Waits A spiritual memoir on answering the summons to a deeper spiritual life. Transformation
Jesus The life and ministry of the man from Nazareth as seen through the imagination of a creative Jesuit. Transformation
Love, Henri A collection of letters that provide a keen sense of Nouwen's spirituality "adventures with God." Faith
L'Art de la Simplicité A rousing and robust exploration of the art of simplicity. Meaning
The Complacent Class An assessment of American society as stagnated and in need of major change. Meaning
The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down Cogent bites of practical spiritual wisdom for everyday life. You
A Greyhound A Groundhog A book of tongue twisters ideal for reading aloud. Play