Book Reviews

The Myth of Human Supremacy A solid and exuberant case for reverencing the non-human world of plants, animals, and things. Connections
All Kinds of Kisses A delightfully illustrated children's about how a wide variety of animals express affection. Love
Clearing Spaces A handy and enlightening guide to taking good care of the place where you live. Nurturing
Love Hurts Down-to-earth Buddhist insights applied to a universal life experience. Love
Ordinary Goodness A celebration of goodness as a portal to expressing kindness, compassion, and faith. Kindness
Good Karma Insights from a seasoned Tibetan Buddhist nun with forty years of Dharma work. Joy
The Power of Meaning A persuasive book on the importance of the quest for meaning in everyday life. Meaning
Play with Me! A lively and appealing celebration of friendship. Play
The Paraclete Poetry Anthology An anthology of spiritual poems that animate the soul. Wonder
What to Do When You Feel Too Shy A self-help book for children packed with exercises for dealing with socially challenging situations. Nurturing
There Is No Good Card for This A creatively packaged and illustrated resource on relating to those stricken by crisis, grief, or deep loss. Being Present
Prison Industrial Complex For Beginners An alarming report on mass incarceration and the prison system in the United States. Justice
Raising Human Beings Practical advice for parents on how to work with their children rather than try to control them. Listening
Becoming a Soulful Educator A cogent call for a paradigm change in Jewish learning and education. Teachers
Drawn Together A delightful collection of comics on the challenges of the spiritual path. Play
Creation A picture book illustrating the creation story as told in the St. James Bible. Beauty
Goodnight Everyone A colorful picture book to read at bedtime. Nurturing
The Four Questions A retelling of the folktale Chicken Little to teach children the Work, a method of spiritual inquiry into thoughts and emotional responses. Questing
The Way Under the Way A spiritual teacher's conversation with the Universe through tough and tender poems. Wonder
Good Morning, City A picture book that celebrates all the ways a city wakes up each day. Attention