Book Reviews

Be Kind A wonderful catalog of all the ways we can be kind to others. Kindness
Fortress America A review of all the ways the United States has become enslaved to the notions of safety and security. Meaning
Meta-Talk Learn about new ways to make your conversations more meaningful Attention
Skilled Dialogue A guide to making the most of diversity in dialogue with others. Hospitality
Soul to Soul A soul-stirring resource designed to help you mine meanings from conversations. Meaning
Beyond the Comma Evidence that God is still speaking to us through events and stories. Imagination
Salons A guide to setting up a successful small group for conversation and community. Listening
Uncommon Decency A rousing exploration of civility by a seasoned evangelical Christian. Faith
Bullets into Bells A riveting collection of poems written to spur citizen activism against gun violence. Compassion
Frederick Douglass An inspiring and thought-provoking biography of the father of the Civil Rights Movement. Justice
Make a List Lists as a spiritual adventure providing pleasure and wisdom. Meaning
Dialogue of the Heart A presentation of dialogue of life as a path to better Christian-Muslim relationships around the world. Hospitality
The Boy and the Whale Inspiring story about a boy's rescue of a whale. Compassion
An Appeal to the World A glimpse into the Dalai Lama's ethical and moral vision of the human adventure. Peace
Meditations of the Heart An extraordinary devotional resource offering messages of hope and transformation. Devotion
Rediscovering America's Values A work of cultural criticism that deepens our understanding of freedom and the importance of responsible citizenship. Meaning
Jumping At Shadows A lament for the fast growth in our culture of collective anxiety disorder. Shadow
Freedom from Anger A Buddhist teacher's advice on coping with a poison of the mind. Being Present
Making Sense of the Alt-Right An assessment of a new radical right-wing movement. Zeal
On Tyranny Concrete advice from history about how to resist totalitarianism in the U.S. Shadow