Joseph Cornell's Boxes An appreciation of a box creation filled with a deep respect for the mysteries of life and death. Play
Ed Ruscha's Standard Station How art can sharpen our vision to see the ordinary in new ways. Attention
Interpretations of Vincent Van Gogh's A Pair of Shoe… A philosopher, the painter, and we reflect on the meanings conveyed through a painting of old shoes. Love
Roy Lichtenstein's Look Mickey Delighting in a pop art painting because it encourages us to laugh at ourselves. Play
Edward Hopper's Hotel Room A spiritual workout with a painting of a sad and lonely woman. Compassion
Spirituality & Art: A Multiversity 20 ways to look at art as an expression of spiritual qualities and pursuits. Attention
A Summer Evening on Skagen's Beach Reflections on a painting of a prayer stroll at the transition between day and night. X-The Mystery
Rembrandt's Old Man in Prayer Reflections on a painting of an elder engaged in wordless prayer of the heart. Devotion
The Arts as Treasured Companions on Our Spiritual Jo… What music, art, and photography bring to a spiritual quest. Meaning
An Art Meditation for 9/11 Spiritual master and artist Frederick Franck's reflections on how he created his "Pieta for Darfur & Iraq" and a story about his paintings "After 9/11" and "Solstice". Imagination