Ed Ruscha's Standard Station How art can sharpen our vision to see the ordinary in new ways. Attention
Interpretations of Vincent Van Gogh's A Pair of Shoe… A philosopher, the painter, and we reflect on the meanings conveyed through a painting of old shoes. Love
Roy Lichtenstein's Look Mickey Delighting in a pop art painting because it encourages us to laugh at ourselves. Play
Edward Hopper's Hotel Room A spiritual workout with a painting of a sad and lonely woman. Compassion
Spirituality & Art: A Multiversity 20 ways to look at art as an expression of spiritual qualities and pursuits. Attention
A Summer Evening on Skagen's Beach Reflections on a painting of a prayer stroll at the transition between day and night. X-The Mystery
Rembrandt's Old Man in Prayer Reflections on a painting of an elder engaged in wordless prayer of the heart. Devotion
The Arts as Treasured Companions on Our Spiritual Jo… What music, art, and photography bring to a spiritual quest. Meaning
An Art Meditation for 9/11 Spiritual master and artist Frederick Franck's reflections on how he created his "Pieta for Darfur & Iraq" and a story about his paintings "After 9/11" and "Solstice". Imagination