Substance, Stamina, Stability — Know Yourself — Trust Your Instincts

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"Strong, solid, stable, and resilient, rhinoceroses have lived on earth for 60 million years. Rhinoceros knows how to be patient and persevere. In touch with ancient wisdom, Rhino uncovers buried knowledge and memories of past lives. Generally solitary, and comfortable being alone, rhinoceroses help us to sink into solitude, enjoy our own company, and commune with our deeper self. Indeed, Rhino's teaching is 'know thyself.'

"Rhinos have poor eyesight but heightened senses of hearing and smell. Roaming open spaces, inhaling the rich, grassy air, they savor scent, which triggers memories. Wallowing in cool, muddy waters, they embrace earth energies to refresh and heal. Rhino guides us to relish sensory experience and use our instincts to know ourselves better.

"Although rhinos are highly sensitive, their thick, strong skin provides a protective armor. Rhino prods us to let go of outer distractions while shielding us from oversensitivity and too much external influence. Thoughtful and wise, Rhino teaches us to trust intuition and accept the sage advice of our inner counsel. Rhino helps us to find balance and solidity within. With Rhino, we feel secure, centered, and grounded, even as we open to vast expanses of awareness.

"Although rhinos will charge when attacked or frightened, they are usually peaceful. Rhino teaches us to observe first. If action is needed, Rhino can help us to launch it and follow through.

"Rhinoceroses use their horns (African rhinos have two; Asian rhinos have one) to dig, forage, impress a potential mate, intimidate, and defend. Long coveted by humans for status, medicine, or magic, rhino horn symbolizes discernment — especially the ability to see through illusion. Ironically, Rhino teaches that power does not lie outside ourselves — in the horn of another — but within. Rhino encourages us to find true power by seeing inside ourselves.

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Rhino Says

Once upon a time, we were honored for our wisdom and consulted by the human world.

We spend our days close to the earth and have learned much in our many years. We feel connection with the center of the earth and with the surface, too — trees and grasses, mud and water. We understand the link between surface and depth. That is why we were often called upon to offer our advice.

We are generally happy creatures, travelers, roaming these lands. We feel sad that so many humans don't see our wisdom, wanting only to cut off our horns, as if this can help.

What we want to say to humans is this — calm down, go within, listen deep. We invite you to roam the deep expanse of your soul. Find us there. We are happy to talk, to recall the old days when a human and a rhino could consult in peace.