Dawn Brunke is a writer and editor who specializes in the areas of healing, metaphysics, and spirituality. She has great respect for our shaman ancestors who sought out animals as guides and spiritual teachers. It is time for us to reconnect with our two-, four-, and eight legged companions so they can "remind us of what we have forgotten and who we really are."

We are familiar with this process of the medicine provided by animals for us. Each year we begin anew with The Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson. We pick an animal from the deck of 52 cards and then read about the teaching (or medicine) she will provide for us. It is a very rewarding exercise to choose an animal spirit to help us be the best we can be throughout the rest of the year. Maybe this year we'll use Brunke's collection.

Brunke has created twelve animal groupings around spiritual qualities including:

• Attention and Awareness
• Creation and Creativity
• Dreaming
• Healing
• Personal Power
• Transformation
• Wisdom

Under the umbrella of "Joy," for example, Brunke has the following animals as teachers: dolphin, goat, goldfish, hummingbird, and otter. "We share joy when we play, laugh, and stumble into fun. Seeing the world with wonder and delight, touched by life's magic, we behold the sacred grove of joy." According to the author, dolphin enables us to expand our consciousness and deepen our joy; goat inspires us to always be curious and to explore both the inner and outer worlds; goldfish soothes us and brings calm to our restless spirits; hummingbird is an ambassador of magic and wonder, opening new doors for us; and otter is a skilled professor of exuberance and play.

The lyrical text by Dawn Brunke is enhanced by the delightful illustrations by Ola Liola. This is an enchanting paperback that you will want to return to for guidance again and again!