Gail Bernice Holland, the editor of Connections, a magazine of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, has written a helpful and hopeful overview of the vision and work of various individuals and organizations in America dedicated to creating a more unified, compassionate society. This "whole new culture" emphasizes heart, conscience, spirit, and imagination. It serves as an antidote to the reductionism, compartmentalization, and bureaucratic stodginess that are the marks of institutional entrenchment.

You will want to salute the United Religions Initiative whose goals are interfaith dialogue and cooperation. You will want to support efforts to combat the epidemic of violence and to enlist college youth in volunteer projects. Your continued allegiance to ecological sustainability and complementary medicine is needed. Investing with conscience and keeping soul alive in the workplace are two worthwhile endeavors for the business community. Innovative programs in schools to foster creativity and emotional intelligence need your backing.

Holland's book is a clarion call for nothing less than the transformation of society. Her listing of individuals and organizations involved in this Herculean task is a real public service.