Donald Altman is a practicing psychotherapist, former Buddhist monk, award-winning writer, and board member of The Center for Mindful Eating ( He is the author of Meal by Meal and conducts retreats and workshops. Visit him online at http:/

Altman is alarmed by the overwhelming pressure that technology is putting upon us by "splintering our attention and recalibrating our brains to "future think." Meditation is an alternate route that focuses our attention and keeps us in the present moment. He sees this paperback as part guidebook and part workbook with a potpourri of exercises for building and sustaining awareness.

There are five sections which relate to the basic challenges of everyday life:

• One-Minute Mindfulness for Home and Play — bringing more awareness to your life at home from morning to evening;

• One-Minute Mindfulness for Work and Creativity — making the most out of your labors;

• One-Minute Mindfulness for Relationships and Love — sharing and caring with those who mean so much to you;

• One-Minute Mindfulness for Health and Well-Being — nurturing your body and mind to enhance your well-being;

• One-Minute Mindfulness for Nature, Spirituality, and Contemplation — seeing the wonders in the world and rejoicing in them all.

One of the best things about this book is the multidimensional exercises by Altman. Here is an example:

"Changing your greeting routines may require some effort and appropriate motivation. Write down the various occasions for greeting others throughout your day — at home, at work, and elsewhere. Which of these greeting routines do you want to change? Write down specific verbal and nonverbal alternatives you can begin to use. Every time you remember to use one of these, do so without expecting anything in return. Simply know that you are spreading light, warmth, and hope, which is reason enough."