Fifty-five million people have been killed as a result of Western imperialism, and hundreds of millions more have been slaughtered indirectly. In many cases, they were seen as "un-people" (a phrase coined by George Orwell to describe a form of enemy not deserving of life or respect). Some of the most heinous atrocities have taken place in the Eastern Congo where three to five million people have been killed.

In this paperback, Noam Chomsky, America's most vociferous Public Intellectual talks with the Czech filmmaker, journalist, and author Andre Vltchek about "the massive injustices" which have been perpetrated by Western countries; they call it Western terrorism. Both men hold sacred the right of self-determination and the holy grail of freedom.

After discussing the horrific legacy of western colonialism, the media's refusal to reveal the crimes of the West, and their use of propaganda to prop up American aggression, Chomsky and Vltchek examine conflicts, invasions, and wars in India and China, Russia, and Latin America.
Much of the suffering and death in Africa is funded by corporations eager to make their presence felt in the fight for control of this troubled continent's abundant natural resources.

Both men are apprehensive that we are moving toward what may be the ultimate genocide: the destruction of the planet.