Racism is a social disease which causes separation, conflict, polarization, alienation, and violence. According to Clyde W. Ford, the author of this handy and very helpful volume, eliminating racism is intimately connected to other efforts aimed at personal, social, and global transformation.

With a foreword by Martin Luther King III, this paperback contains information on creating greater interracial understanding; proactive projects and activities that build racial solidarity; strategies for dealing with pernicious stereotypes; and many ways to nurture harmony through the arts, education, and home training.

Each of the 50 steps has a short summary, statistics or other pertinent facts, a list of actions; and resources for further action. There are chapters on steps you can take for yourself (such as using nonracist language), steps for your family (such as developing a family vision of eliminating racism), steps for your community (such as determining the views of community leaders), steps for the nation (such as know your rights). and steps for the world (such as become a messenger of hope).

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