Tzivia Gover facilitates self-growth and awareness through her workshops and retreats on writing, dreamwork, and mindfulness. Her writing on religion, spirituality, health, and fitness has been published widely. This exuberant celebration of joy is a treasure-trove of quips, exercises, quotes, and practices design to spur the spirt within us and point out the paths to peace and contentment.

Hunting down happiness is easier said than done. Gover provides a good process with exercises to work with our battle scars, to tuck away good memories, and to harvest moments that refine our emotions. According to the author, some days it is necessary to court joy, to patch together broken bits of it, or to rock with what we have of this quality within us.

There are seven days in every week, 365 in every year, and 30,000 of them in the average lifetime. We are given the chance every moment to master the art of joy by loosening up, experiencing beauty as an antidote to grief and sadness, making the most of our five senses, following our bliss, getting over overwhelm, savoring little luxuries, and ending each day by celebrating these magical moments.

In chapters on joy at home, at work, on the go, in solitude, with others and all day long, Gover maps this exuberant quality as manna in the wilderness.