Orbis Books editor-at-large and publisher emeritus Michael Leach has put together this awesome collection of writings from Joyce Rupp for this paperback in the Modern Spiritual Masters Series.

Joyce Rupp is profiled as one of the S&P's Living Spiritual Teachers. One of the many things that we love about her is her self-description as "a spiritual midwife":

"I call myself a 'spiritual midwife' because I see myself not as a person who does the growing for someone else but as nurturing, energizing, being a catalyst, caring for, and affirming the person in the growth process. I help them to know how to nurture and care for themselves just as a midwife would do in helping a woman prepare to give birth."

Another self-description of this Servite sister is "an overly responsible woman who works too hard." As a writer, speaker, and retreat leader, Rupp has walked the talk of Christianity with great verve, creativity, and integrity. Her service of others compels her to give all she's got: there is no other way but that of gratitude and compassion.

In thematic chapters which open our hearts, minds, and souls to Rupp's 23 books, we see the diversity of her spiritual vision of Home, Earth, Cosmos, and God. Here you will find a treasure-trove of inspiration, enlightenment, and practice suggestions on walking in a relaxed manner, kinship with creatures, one strong star, a piece of light, sacred darkness, the One Who Is Always Now, Lord of the Dance, Sophia, Friend of the Poor, and My Journey to Wisdom.

If you have never read Joyce Rupp's spiritual writings, this book gives you a wonderful sampler. If you are a fan and longtime reader, as we are, then you'll enjoy revisiting the wide-ranging wisdom assembled here. Joyce Rupp is a reliable companion for our spiritual journeys: her essays, meditations, spiritual practices, and poetry illuminate and ease our steps as we saunter on our way.