"Spiritual maturity is not about pursuing salvation alone; it is about contributing to the salvation or enlightenment of others."

— Br. Wayne Teasdale

This enlightening paperback contains essays and articles from the Community of the Mystic Heart's Interspiritual Retreat held at Slate Branch Ashram in Kentucky, April 29 - May 1, 2016. The pioneering work of Br. Wayne Teasdale provides the impetus for this sharing of ideas and practices to transform the planet. His ground-breaking essay on the nine elements of interspirituality in his book The Mystic Heart offers plenty of food for ethical and theological thought.

The three lead presentations at the retreat were "The Interspiritual Paradigm — Legacies and Horizons" by Dr. Kurt Johnson, "Cultivating Contemplative Life" by Mirabai Starr, and "Bridging the Gap between Values and Actions by Means of Solidarity" by Rev. Dr. Sw. Shraddhananda.

Other thought-provoking essays are by Rev. Elizabeth Teal on ethically responsible interspecies interactions, Lynda "Ma Shanti" Terry on the practice of silence, T. S. Penningon on his interpretation of the Nine Elements, Dr. Joan "Kalisara" Dittrich on Reiki healing, The Right Rev. Christine Deefhols on seva, the Rev. JoAnn Barrett on planetary transformation, and Dr. M. Darrel Bryant on Teasdale's vision and the spiritual themes it brought into being.