Martin McGee is a Benedictine monk and chaplain in Worth Abbey School in Sussex. He is the author of Christian Martyrs for a Muslim People, which gives an account of the 19 priests and sisters assassinated by Islamic fundamentalists in Algeria during the mid-1990s.

Those who were fortunate enough to see the award-winning film Of Gods and Men will welcome McGee's take on the seven monks from the Trappist monastery of Tibhirine who were kidnapped by Muslim fundamentalists and later beheaded. Prior to the killings, the monks had a warm and respectful relationship with their Muslim neighbors. Their interaction modeled the real love and friendship that can flourish between Christians and Muslims.

McGee points out that this "dialogue of life" is what is needed around the globe as more and more people of differing faiths try to learn about each other and discover what they have in common. The author looks at how the Catholic Algerian church is relating to its Muslim neighbors today. The Muslims' rich and regular prayer lives along with their emphasis on God's mercy provide two promising avenues for spiritual togetherness.