In his book The Heart of Man, social psychologist Erich Fromm coined the term "biophilia," meaning "love of life." The word was then amplified by biologist and conservationist Edward Wilson to emphasize the human capacity to incorporate natural elements into homes, work spaces, and commercial buildings. Creating interior design with indoor plants, micro gardens, timber, and sustainable crafts makes the most of the connections between human spaces and nature.

Sally Coulthard, the author of this enlightening tome, has spent the last 20 years designing, making, and writing about homes, craft, and outdoor spaces. She believes that the rules that govern interior design are the same as those for a glorious garden. Here she offers a treasure-trove of concrete examples and handy ideas, discussing materials and decor, color, forms and patterns, light and rhythms, air and temperature, views and spaces, and water. The book's colorful illustrations reinforce her aesthetic.

Coulthard does a fine job illustrating the biophilia perspective of architect Frank Lloyd Wright who said: "Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you." Anyone who yearns to bring the natural world inside their home or working space will benefit from this excellent spiritual resource!