Yvonne Banks-Martin has practiced daily meditation for the past 50 years. Her journey has been animated by three simple questions:

Why am I here?
What is this "I"?
Where does it exist?

Sitting in stillness with these questions, she found herself building the foundation for a new path. This paperback is filled with the "wisdoms" that came to her through this practice. She believes that as these spiritual seeds are planted in the soil of your soul, your life will take on new meaning and wholeness.

There are five parts to the book:

1. Expansion of the self into the universe.
2. Facing the Fear
3. To be Nothing
4. Sitting in Stillness
5. The boundary

Here is a sampler of the wisdoms:

"Everything that went before was in preparation for this moment."

"Rid yourself of all expectation and allow what Is to reveal itself."

"If you have to hang on to anything then it doesn't really belong to you."

"Make all of life's decisions without fear of loss or hope for gain."