"Time is deeper and stranger than anything else in our lives, it takes everything with it, nothing is bigger than time, nothing survives its power," writes philosopher and bestselling author Jacob Needleman. Here the emphasis is not upon time management but upon coming alive to the great Self within — a major emphasis in the mystical traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Needleman shares the wisdom teachings of Krishna, Hermes, Jesus, and Emerson who all challenged us to wake up and become all we are meant to be. "The soul's answer to the problem of time," he writes, "is the experience of timeless being." Throughout the book, he uses stories and thought-provoking questions as part of what he calls "the art of pondering." The person who lives in the dimension of the eternal now isn't distracted by the emotions (fear, guilt, self-pity, etc.) that devour time. The person who truly sees reality as it is refuses to enact crimes against his or her own nature.

Time and the Soul is the second volume in a series by Needleman entitled Little Books on Big Questions. Like the previous book on love, this one reinvigorates the art of philosophy by making it practical and profound. Jacob Needleman is a national treasure who is busy unearthing meaning in the midst of our everyday lives.