Whereas many fine books have been written about the need to integrate spirituality into the workplace, this eminently practical resource actually contains a treasure trove of spiritual practices to do. Lewis Richmond has spent 15 years as a Buddhist priest and meditation teacher and 15 years as a business executive, entrepreneur, and musician/composer. Picture this resource as a Buddhist tool kit: "Just as a hammer, a saw, or a pair of pliers has a specific purpose, each of Buddhism's many spiritual practices is designed to work on some aspect of our character and inner life."

Richmond divides the book into four sections: conflict, stagnation, inspiration, and accomplishment. With great sensitivity and creativity, he demonstrates how to manage stress with mantras; how to turn worry into spiritual questioning; and how to transform boredom, discouragement, and failure into catalysts for inner growth. Richmond presents the following spiritual practices as opportunities to polish our character: the half-smile, listening without judgment, the friend in the heart, and many more.

Illustrating his suggestions with vignettes from doctors, receptionists, taxi drivers, plumbers, nurses, and others, Richmond also provides spiritual takes on ambition, money and time, quitting, and power games at work. "Work as a Spiritual Practice" will open many new doors for you with its down-to-earth exercises on deepening awareness, handling change, and engendering personal transformation.