Most of us have been taught to think that finding our vocation will be a Herculean effort of will and perseverance. We stretch toward some imagined goal and fret when presented with obstacles. In this incredibly persuasive and illuminating book, Parker J. Palmer presents his own pilgrimage toward selfhood and vocation. For him, the heart of this journey involves both listening and discernment. "Vocation is not a goal to be achieved but a gift to be received."

Palmer discusses his zigzag career trajectory, which has taken him from earning a Ph.D. in sociology; to serving as community organizer in Washington, D.C.; to living in Pendle Hill, a Quaker commune, for a decade; to his present-day work as a writer, consultant, and traveling teacher. He has sharpened his sense of vocation through setbacks such as quitting seminary, getting fired from a job, and dealing with depression.

Let Your Life Speak is the best book available to anyone asking serious questions about vocation. Palmer has many profound things to say about the deep calling of authentic selfhood, burnout, embracing mystery, the power of true presence, the soul's truths, the inner issues inherent in leadership, the spiritual journey inward and downward, and the different seasons of life.