"Making art is not an act of self-indulgence; it is an act of faith, a movement of the parts toward the whole. To create is to take what we know to the unknown, to mix it up and let it rise," writes Jan Phillips in Marry Your Muse. The author, an award-winning writer, photographer, and multi-media artist, has fashioned an innovative, soulful, and practical course for those who want to creatively express themselves. Phillips sees the Muse as a real presence in her life, a kind of partner or collaborator who guides and directs her efforts. In one of her meditations with her Muse, she writes: "It is my hope that what we create will be as useful as a hammer, as honest as a prayer, far-reaching as a bridge, and cogent as a cry."

That spirit is certainly evident in this wonderful resource which is overflowing with stories, journal exercises, meditations, poetry, quotations, photographs, and wise advice. Phillips demonstrates in a variety of ways that creativity is the birthright of everyone. It flows from our perception of the world and ourselves. And it finds expression in cooking, painting, helping others, writing, poetry, acting, and much more. Jan Phillips, again and again, admits that the creative work of others has stirred her soul. Marry Your Muse will do the same for yours.