Unbounded wisdom that would take countless pages to begin to explain can be swiftly and deftly transmitted through a story. Sufis have long known this, developing a rich history of storytelling as a way to teach and guide. This e-course provides an opportunity for you to listen to and soak up this wisdom. It is designed for people of all spiritual traditions and those who do not affiliate themselves with any tradition.

Drawing on the stories conveyed by the great Sufi mystic Rumi, as well as the rich storytelling traditions of Central Asian Sufism, we will reflect on how stories become containers for meaning, lenses for perception, and multidimensional symbols for the education of the soul. One of the keys to comprehending Sufi stories is to be aware of the context of meaning, the spiritual universe that was assumed by the storyteller. And yet each story adds something new to that context, expanding our awareness and understanding of the soul's journey and the spiritual nature of reality.

Some stories reflect back to us the subtle ways in which our ego’s biases distort reality, while others give us hints of what it must be like to live in a state of divine realization, free from the domination of the false self. Some stories are derived from the history of the Sufi tradition and its spiritual heroes. Others are pure allegory, meant to be held consciously in our hearts, viewed from different angles, transferred to our deeper mind in order to become a perpetual source of meaning.

This e-course was originally delivered via daily emails, and it is now available to schedule in your own preferred timing. Every set of seven sessions begin with an introduction, followed by five days of stories with suggestions for reflection. The seven-day cycles end with emails that help you integrate what you have learned so far.

Kabir Helminski is a Sufi Shaikh of the Mevlevi Order, which traces its inspiration to Jelaluddin Rumi. He is profiled as a Living Spiritual Teacher at Spirituality & Practice. His book Living Presence has become a classic of contemporary spirituality. First published in 1992, well before the recent proliferation of teachings on mindfulness and presence, the book has spawned study groups not only within the Sufi tradition but in many Christian congregations and seminaries as well.

We welcome you to join us for this celebration of Sufi mysticism conveyed through stories. To register, click on the "Subscribe to E-Course" button below. (4 CEHs for Chaplains available.)

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