Philip Goldberg has been immersed in India’s spiritual traditions for more than 50 years as a practitioner, teacher, and writer. Answers to some of the "big questions" in life first came to him through eastern mysticism, particularly transcendental meditation and yoga. As his interest in mysticism grew, so did his involvement. He became a transcendental meditation teacher in the 1970s, helped start Maharishi International University, and obtained an M.A. in Interdisciplinary Education in the process.

His work as a teacher opened the door to his career as a professional writer. He is the author or co-author of numerous books and has also devoted time to ghost writing, editing, and what he calls “enough screenwriting to acquire a sobering dose of Hollywood frustration.”

Goldberg is ordained as an Interfaith Minister and founded Spiritual Wellness and Healing Associates (SWAHA), dedicated to helping individuals create healthy, vital spiritual lives. He lectures and offers workshops around the world. He also leads American Veda Tours, which allow participants to explore the principles and practices of eastern mysticism while learning about history and culture of India.

Goldberg currently co-hosts the Spirit Matters podcast alongside Dennis Raimondi, covering the diverse and fascinating spiritual landscape with their guests. Goldberg shares his life with his cherished wife, Lori Deutsch, whose exceptional skills as a licensed acupuncturist, doctor of Chinese Medicine, and practitioner of Functional Medicine keep him healthy.

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  • Concrete ways to find peace and strength within yourself
  • Reflections on the power of bringing yogic practices into your everyday life
  • Authoritative understanding of why Eastern practices have flourished in the West