In Praying the News

A Prayer for Ending Police Racism and Violence

A Prayer for the Protesters in Wisconsin

A Prayer for Those Helping Elders to Age at Home

Other Prayers

Common Ground

God of justice, give us voice,
take away our fear, shake up our prejudices,
and move us to a different place,
to stand on common ground
with those who struggle for justice.
— Iona Community in The Pattern of Our Days by Kathy Galloway, editor

Womb of All

In the midst of a failing world,
You draw us into community with You,
And one another.
Contain us with the faithfulness
Of your motherly-compassion.
That, nurtured by your care,
We mother all who are in need
Of groundedness in You.
Birth-giver of the earth and skies
And all that is,
You are the one Divinity, now and forever,
— Mary Kathleen Speegle Schmitt in God Has No Religion edited by Frances Sheridan Goulart

An Ark

God is calling each one of us in our own way
to help build "an Ark", a community of love
where love conquers hatred,
inclusion conquers exclusion,
unity conquers division.
Let us ask Jesus to help us to hear this call within each of our hearts.
— Jean Vanier in Befriending the Stranger

Core of Community
(Acts 2: 43-47)

With you as the nucleus
Of every group that gathers,
Differences are respected
And tensions are overcome.
Those speaking from the edge
Gain a listening ear.
Compassion thrives.
Egos maintain a low profile.
With you as Core of Community
Peace abides and love abounds.

Today: The Core of Community affects my relationships.
— Joyce Rupp in Fragments of Your Ancient Name

Accepting the Sacredness of All

Faithful Creator,

You are the source and resource of all purposed and created life.

In an attitude of gratitude I accept your forgiveness and grace to forgive myself.

I accept your encouragement to learn what it means to be authentically human and make peace with my own humanity,

So that I can accept the sacredness of other beings.

With thanksgiving, I accept the spiritual, ethical, and moral responsibility for my own inner healing and joy.

I embrace the mystery of healthy loving relationships

As I learn to be an agent of change, reason, and tenderness upon the earth

That is an outpouring of your love for all life.

I accept your help so that I may learn to live honorably in covenant community,

Lifting my voice in care over criticism.

Adei-Mai Morningstar Greenpastures, Frances Sheridan Goulart in God Has No Religion edited by Frances Sheridan Goulart

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