Acts of Charity in Everyday Life by Imam al-Bukhari offers ideas from Islam for expressing compassion.

Community Garden by Kristin Ritzau calls faith communities to use part of their property to grow food.

Community Use of Faith Buildings by Kristin Ritzau and Elizabeth L. Hinson-Hasty urges collaborative and community use of worship spaces.

Prayers for the Neighborhood by Tom Cowan suggests a simple ritual to support your community.

Listening to the Other by Jamal Rahman calls us to reflect on the Quranic directive to listen to those different from us for the sake of the community.

Livelihood by Jean Smith suggests using your chosen career to create caring.

Local Action Intitiatives by Kristin Ritzau and Jill Jacobs makes recommendations for faith communities to get involved in community issues.

Making Rain Movement Practice by Amy Saltzman is a group practice in recreating the sound of a rainstorm; these kinds of activities indirectly build community.

Practice to Create Peace in the Heart by Sylvia Boorstein gives instructions for reciting the Buddhist Refuges and Precepts to honor community.

Sanctuary for Immigrants and Refugees by Mary Ann Brussat and Kristin Ritzau builds upon the ancient tradition that places of worship provide sanctuary to those in danger in the community.

Rituals of Acknowledgement and Commitment by Kristin Ritazu, Sedonia Cahill, and Joshua Halpern invites us to respond to tragedy and social problems with sacred rituals.

Serve Your Community by Raphael Cushnir lauds the privilege of volunteering.

Seven Generations Reflection by Charles Garfield, Cindy Spring, Sedona Cahill allows guidance from our ancestors and consideration for future generations to influence our community decisions.

Unity Walk by Andrew Harvey helps you experience your place in the community of all plants and creatures.

Unload the Burden from the Donkey by Brenda Shoshanna reminds us to offer help to others in a thorough, unconditional way.

We Are on an Errand for Humanity by Bernie S. Siegel raises questions about how our individual presence can change the course of humanity for the good.

Worldwide Connections by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat shares practices that reinforce our sense of being connected to a worldwide community.

You Are What You Give by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat recommends learning from others in our communities about how and why we give to organizations and places.