"What an extraordinary time to be alive," writes author and activist Frances Moore Lappe. "We’re the first people on our planet to have real choice: We can continue killing each other, wiping out other species, spoiling our nest. Yet on every continent a revolution in human dignity is emerging. It is re-knitting community and our ties to the earth. So we do have a choice. We can choose death; or we can choose life."

The resources on these pages have been chosen to help with that re-knitting process. Books, films, prayers, quotes, spiritual practices, and more steer us towards an understanding that we live in a concentric circle of connections that's full of untapped resources and capable of transforming the world for the better. Community-building is without a doubt hard work, but it is also fun, healing, and protective — not only of humans, but of Earth and all her species. As essayist Scott Russell Sanders reminds us, "The only durable community is the one that embraces the whole planet, wild and tame."