A Man Called Ove is a convincing and emotionally involving story of one man's journey from irritable isolation to caring for his community.

Belfast is a richly human coming-of-age story that proves the importance of family and community in the shaping of a boy's soul.

Brother’s Keeper provides a bizarre and fascinating look at the dynamics of community.

City of Hope shares a powerful and profound view of what is wrong with our cities and what it will take to save them.

The Commune explores the fissures and follies of living in an urban commune during the 1970s in Copenhagen.

The Divine Order tells the story of a submissive housewife who becomes a change-maker in her small conservative Swiss town.

The Guardians (Les Gardiennes) focuses on the quiet heroism of a community of women on the homefront during World War I.

Gurukulam subtly and convincingly affirms the importance of everyday spirituality in the life of an ashram, a contemplative Hindu community.

House of Angels illuminates the positive and the negative energies that can build up or tear down life in community.

In Jackson Heights immerses us in a diverse and lively Queens neighborhood where community activism is alive and well.

Kedi reveals community in Istanbul through the kindness of the men and women who take care of the city's many street cats.

Landfill Harmonic salutes music as a mysterious language that creates community and gives expression to the beauty within the children of Cateura, Paraguay, a slum built upon a landfill.

Leave No Trace revolves around acts of kindness showered by community members on a father and daughter transitioning out of homelessness.

Little Pink House conveys the determination of a woman who inspires her working-class neighbors to resist an ambitious urban renewal project.

Lucky takes us on the journey of a nonagenarian whose relationships in a small Arizona town add meaning to his solitary lifestyle.

The Rider presents masterful moments of caregiving, hope, love, and compassion in the rodeo community.

McFarland, USA offers a vision of a flourishing Mexican-American community that stands by its own when they need encouragement and support.

Mudbound brings us face-to-face with the dehumanization and bigotry of racism and its violent offshoots which isolate people from each other and destroy communities.

The Music of Strangers celebrates the talent and multicultural community dynamic of the Silk Road Ensemble musical collective.

Selma gives us a convincing portrayal of how nonviolent action in an atmosphere of community solidarity can effect social change.

Silver City probes the warps of contemporary politics and its effects upon community life.

Strangers in Good Company draws together seven long-lived Canadian women whose sightseeing bus breaks down in an unpopulated rural area.

Sunshine State helps viewers reconnect with feelings of embeddedness in community through the lens of two women trying to refocus their lives.

The Vessel shows us that hope is a contagion that can be caught and given to others as nourishment for the future and escape from the bondage of the past.

The Women’s Balcony tells the tale of a moderate Orthodox Jewish community in Jerusalem whose members are forced to deal with growing religious fundamentalism.

The Work is a raw and immersive documentary set in Folsom Prison where prisoners and three civilians experience as a community a four-day emotional healing encounter.

Additional Resources

Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat devoted an issue of their newsletter Living Room Learning in 1990 to Community. In this pdf of that section, you will find descriptions of movies about community along the bottom of each page.