Align with Your Yes by Deborah Zucker proposes a journaling exercise to help us listen to our truth and live in alignment with that truth.

Breathing Compassion for Self by Neil Douglas-Klotz gets us started on the path to a heart that radiates unconditional love.

Change Your Play by Piero Ferrucci recommends that we consider a completely different approach to adversity.

Claim Credit by Terry Bookman encourages us to take full responsibility as a part of being wholly and truly ourselves.

Grow in Resilience by Stephanie Dowrick tells us to keep growing by focusing on our lessons learned, values, and strengths.

Hold on Tight by Lama Surya Das comments on the importance of maintaining balance between effort and acceptance.

Letting Disappointment Go by Carolyn Hobbs suggests we lighten the load by creating a ritual to release our greatest disappointment.

Observing Your Story Line by Carolyn Hobbs urges us to get some distance from our current disappointment by reflecting on when we've felt and thought the same way.

Perseverance by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat offers inspiring quotes and creative ways to cultivate steadfastness.

Practicing Critical Awareness by Brene Brown helps us cultivate a resilient spirit by reality-checking what we see.

Make Laughter a Priority by Alan Epstein touts the merit of merritment by advocating for play and laughter.

Nourishing Positive Emotions by Thich Nhat Hanh invites us to cultivate peace and joy through breathing and smiling.

Take a Walk by David Kuntz instructs us to leave our problems behind and go for a walk.

Taking in the Good by Rick Hanson teaches us to notice goodness and to let each good fact become a good experience that we fully integrate.

Wash Away Your Worries by Bernie S. Siegel recommends washing away your troubles with a visit to the beach, literally or imaginatively.