• Becoming Truly Human: Gurdjieff’s Obligolnian Strivings
    Study George Ivanovich Gurdjieff’s Five Strivings, based on his highly original cosmology and wisdom, through the contemporary spiritual sensibility of Cynthia Bourgeault. This course includes 19 sessions, covering Gurjieff’s teachings and spiritual practices as well as Bourgeault’s commentaries, sacred music, chants, and other practices to deepen your reflections and understanding.
  • Pausing
    In this 12-session e-course, embrace a new paradigm of becoming more by doing less, practicing self-care, and really paying attention. Spiritual writer, speaker, and gardener Terry Hershey suggests imaginative ways to practice pausing and to live more fully by doing so.
  • Spiritual Practices from the Gurdjieff Work
    Explore the practical application of Gurdjieff’s transformative practices for attention and self-remembering. In 12 sessions, renowned teacher Cynthia Bourgeault leads you through spiritual practices in a cumulative, sequential way that unfolds the meaning and vision of the Gurdjieff Work.
  • The Liberating Promise of Mindfulness
    Join Sylvia Boorstein, one of the world’s most esteemed teachers of Buddhist wisdom and practice for 12 e-classes on moment-to-moment awareness, a Buddhist practice that can dramatically enhance the way you live. Sylvia offers instructions on how to develop your own mindfulness meditation practice, how to tap into the promise of mindfulness to guide you throughout your daily life, and a review of practices.
  • The Mindful Life
    Learn how to bring the practice of mindfulness into everyday activities with Donald Altman, psychotherapist, award-winning author, former Buddhist monk, and international teacher and trainer. This course includes 12 sessions with practices, quotes, inspirations, videos, and audios, as well as a recording of a one-hour teleconference with Altman.
  • The Tao Te Ching as a Path and a Practice
    Experience one of the world’s most influential and beautiful sacred texts with Taoist author/teacher William Martin. This 28-part e-course provides passages from the text, commentary, and practice suggestions for walking the path of conscious compassionate awareness.
  • Thomas Merton’s Abiding Legacy
    In this 12-session e-course, more fully discover your place in the joyous cosmic choreography with Kathleen Deignan. To be with Kathleen is not only to assimilate knowledge about Thomas Merton, but also to feel that he is near in spirit and as vibrant and thoughtfully probing as ever.
  • Zen and Everyday Life
    Dive into zazen (meditation) with Zen practitioner Brenda Shoshanna. This 12-session e-course offers a variety of Zen practices designed to help you clear away confusion and express your unique response to what’s happening all around you.