One of the important elements of the spiritual practice of devotion is using different names and images to enable us to draw closer to the Holy One. A number of children's books explore this process.

  • Let There Be Light: Jane Breskin Zalben spells out devotional materials from many faith perspectives.
  • Does God Hear My Prayer?: August Gold and Diane Hardy Waller declare prayer as a devotional adventure of talking and listening to God.
  • Making Heart-Bread: Matthew, Dennis, and Sheila Fabricant Linn present a spiritual practice for children that adds devotional meaning to their lives.
  • Praying in Color: Sybil MacBeth helps children get in touch with their inner artist and connect with God through prayer.
  • Grandad's Prayers of the Earth: Douglas Wood’s devotional picture book is a testament to the wonders of grandparents, prayer, and the natural world.
  • Joseph and the Sabbath Fish: Eric A. Kimmel teaches children about a Sabbath-loving Jew and his devotional practices of kindness and hospitality.
  • Lights Out Shabbat: Sarene Shulimson beautifully conveys the bounties of Shabbat as experienced by a young boy and his loving and devout grandparents.
  • Old Turtle: Douglas Wood celebrates the sacredness of life and the glory of God who shows through everywhere.
  • In God's Name: Sandy Eisenberg Sasso celebrates religious diversity showing people coming together and realizing that there is no single right name for God.

More Children's Books about Devotion