Ways to practice Devotion include prayer, prayer circles, mantras, zikr or remembrance of God, Bhakti yoga, chanting, prayer dancing, icons, prayer beads, altars, prayer flags and wheels, amulets, milagros, and the specific practices below.

A New Approach by Nancy Corcoran offers a way to enrich your prayers with Divine Names.

Arrow Prayers by Robert Corin Morris use a short phrase to turn the mind toward grace and the presence of God.

Before You Pray by Kitzur Shnei Luchot ha-Brit demonstrates a method to beseech God for a pure heart, upright spirit, and undistracted mind during your prayers and worship.

Centering Prayer by M. Basil Pennington, Thomas Keating, and Thomas E. Clark explains the steps in the classic practice for experiencing God's presence.

Daily Lectio Divina by M. Basil Pennington presents advice for practicing sacred reading of the Bible.

Embodied Prayers by Frederic & Mary Ann Brussat uses body movements during devotions.

Face Washing Reflection by Michael Strassfeld demonstrates how to see the Holy One while caring for your body.

Fasting Is Meditation for the Body by Kabir Helminski explains how fasting increases our openness to the Divine and our hidden feelings.

Flash Prayers by Frederic & Mary Ann Brussat suggests trying out short and spontaneous prayers in response to what is happening around you.

Heart Meditation Practice by Jamal Rahman offers guidance for a heart-centered reflection on the Divine within.

Intercession Prayer Practice by Anthony de Mello describes putting yourself in strong contact with Christ to pray for others.

Jewish Mezuzah Ritual by Michael Strassfeld inspires us to bring holiness to our transitions between the home and the world, and to all our interactions.

Keeping Christ or Buddha on Your Shoulder by Andrew Harvey recommends concentrating on the living divine presence.

Kneeling in Prayer by Sharon Connors celebrates an outward expression of inner trust in the Divine.

Lectio Divina with Medicines by Mary C. Earle brings your prescriptions into your prayers.

Let Your Prayers Resonate Like a Bell by Sri Chinmoy reminds us, before any action, to pray.

Light Exercises Before Morning Prayer by Yitzak Buxbaum prepares the body for devotions and service.

Living for One Day Rami Shapiro explores interdependence and the ritual of observing Shabbat.

Method for Purifying One's Heart by Hazrat Inayat Khan offers a prayer to transform how we relate to others for the start and end of each day.

Personal Prayer Book by Frederic & Mary Ann Brussat suggests creating a resource with reminders for the different emphases of your devotional life.

Practice of Simple Regard by Mary Margaret Funk reminds us to notice God looking at you.

Pray for Your Enemy Barbara Cawthorne Crafton compels us to picture our adversary in the hands of God.

Pray with Your Life by Marjorie J. Thompson integrates the life of prayer into the ordinary events and decisions of your day.

Prayer of Surrender by Jon M. Sweeney describes the practice of integrating words and gestures of surrender into our prayers as inspired by St. Therese of Lisieux.

Prayer Pebbles by Edward Hays describes using pebbles as prayer sacramentals.

Prayers for Everyday Activities by Jamal Rahman imbues everyday activities with the sacred.

Praying in Different Positions by Tom Cowan invites us to discover for ourselves that the power of prayer and the presence of God are everywhere.

Praying with Icons by Jim Forest explains the Eastern Orthodox practice of praying with open eyes gazing upon a sacred image.

Purifying and Strengthening the Heart by Andrew Harvey details a Tibetan Buddhist practice for lifting the heart, strengthening the will, and cultivating closeness to God.

Reminder Before Sleep by Yitzhak Buxbaum reminds us to set the intention for all activities, including our sleep, to be for the service of God.

Sabbath Box by Wayne Muller suggests a practice for the whole family to begin the Sabbath.

The Examen by Margaret Silf offers a reflection for the day's end on what brings us closer or further away from our true center in God.

Way of the Three Steps by The Plains Tribe outlines a Native American way to step forward into the day with gentleness, acceptance, gratitude, courage, and trust in Spirit.

Ways to Face When Praying by Edward Hays recommends that we infuse our prayers with bodily positions that correspond to our prayers for ourselves and others.

More Spiritual Practices about Devotion