• My Life in Jewish Renewal: Zalman M. Schachter-Shalomi and Edward Hoffman have put together a wild, robust, and creative memoir of a pioneer in interspirituality and one of the founders of Jewish Renewal.
  • Swami Vivekananda: Swami Vivekananda and Victor M. Parachin present a top-notch collection of the essential writings of the Hindu spiritual teacher who introduced yoga to the West.
  • The Huston Smith Reader: Huston Smith and Jeffrey Paine offer a wonderful crosscut of writings from Huston Smith from the past 60 years.
  • A New Religious America: Diana L. Eck holds up the spiritual practice of hospitality as a necessity in a time when there are more American Muslims than Episcopalians, Presbyterians, or Jews.
  • How to Be a Perfect Stranger: Stuart Matlins and Arthur Magida are the editors of a handy volume on how to practice hospitality among 17 religious groups in pluralistic America.
  • The Mystic Heart: Wayne Teasdale's yearning for a universal communal mysticism arises from his experiences with multi-faith sharing — i.e. hospitality.
  • Show Me Your Way: Howard A. Addison examines a pioneering interfaith approach to spiritual direction.
  • The Divine Deli: John H. Berthrong proclaims that the next wave of spirituality will see more multiple religious participation (MRPing).
  • Five Voices, Five Faiths: Amanda Hughes edits an accessible collection of essays that demonstrate the value of hospitality in interfaith adventures.
  • Arise, My Love...: William Johnston imagines a global Christianity that is hospitable to all religions.
  • The Dignity of Difference: Rabbi Jonathan Sacks makes a good case for hospitality in a world of global religious and economic strife.
  • Constantine's Sword: James Carroll advocates hospitality as an antidote to the excessive anti-Semitism of the Christian church over the centuries.
  • Reclaiming the Church: John Cobb Jr. challenges believers to infuse their faith and practice with hospitality and a deeper respect for the mystery of God.
  • Born Again and Again: Jon M. Sweeney, a progressive Christian, models hospitality as he takes an autobiographical jaunt through his fundamentalist childhood and finds surprising gifts there.
  • Happiness Here and Now: Elizabeth West harvests the benefits of interfaith dialogue between Buddhists and Christians.
  • The Other Side of the Mountain: Thomas Merton's last volume of journals puts on display the breadth of his understanding of the spiritual practice of hospitality.
  • The Gethsemani Encounter: Donald Mitchell and James Wiseman reap the harvest of the 1995 five-day meeting of Christian and Buddhist monks at Merton's home.
  • Radical Hospitality: Father Daniel Homan and Lonni Collins Pratt celebrate hospitality as a spiritual necessity in fearful times.


The Holy Man by Susan Trott revolves around Joe, a 72-year-old teacher who resides in a "no-frills monastery." Pilgrims wait patiently in line outside his door to see him. His favorite bit of wisdom is: "If you look on everyone you meet as a holy person, you will be happy." Joe's Zen-like approach enables an angry man to befriend his temper; a grieving man, his possessiveness; and a persecuted woman, her dependence upon an enemy. Joe is a world-class teacher of hospitality.

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