Mechtild of Magdeburg, a thirteenth-century mystic, once asked, "How shall we live?" This hospitality mantra is based on her answer.

Be welcoming to all.

Other Prayers

Across Boundaries
For the Russian whose language I will never understand, the Chinatown that has food I don’t think I could eat, the man who bows five times a day in prayer, outside the bus on a mat; for the way I seem to others with my pierced ears and down vests, I pray. Let me appreciate how other I am to others in order that I may be surprised by friendship across boundaries. Amen.
Donna Schaper in Prayers for People Who Say They Can't Pray

Many Mansions
There are many mansions in my Heavenly Parent's home. John 14:2
What a challenge this verse presents to every form of religious exclusivism. There is no one way, no single truth for everyone that we can display as a bumper sticker or hold up on a sign at a football game. God's love offers a home to the human family in all its diversity.
Daily Prayer: Let me celebrate today the magnificent inclusiveness of Your love by making room in my heart for all my brothers and sisters in all their rich diversity.
Ron Miller in Wisdom of the Carpenter

One World
O God:
You made One World.
You have blessed us
with the knowledge
to travel the universe.
Please guide us
to reach over the oceans,
across physical and political boundaries,
to share our knowledge
with emerging nations,
to help us all realize
our full potential,
in order for us
to help ourselves and each other.
Together and with your help
we can make this One World
a better world for everyone.
Erlinda Brent in Lifting Women's Voices: Prayers to Change the World by Margaret Rose, Jenny Te Paa, Jeanne Person, Abagail Nelson

Prayer for Tolerance
O Thou God of all beings, of all worlds, and of all times,
We pray, that the little differences in our clothes,
In our inadequate languages,
In our ridiculous customs,
In our imperfect laws,
In our illogical opinions,
In our ranks and conditions which are so disproportionately important to us
And so meaningless to you,
That these small variations
That distinguish those atoms that we call men, one from another,
May not be signals of hatred and persecution!
Voltaire in Men Pray: Voices of Strength, Faith, Healing, Hope and Courage by Editors at Skylight Paths