Ways to practice Hospitality include inter-religious dialogues, welcoming and affirming sacred spaces, the embrace of those you do not know and minorities, table fellowship, greeting gestures, and the specific practices below.

Sharing a meal is a traditional way of extending hospitality. Make having people in for dinner a regular event in your household. Try to invite someone you don't know very well each time.

Blessing the Other by Ted Falcon gives suggestions for celebrating diversity through blessing.

Chronic Difficult Encounters by Kathleen Schmitt Elias calls us to use a Hebrew word from the Torah in response to a difficult interaction.

Daily Office by C. W. McPherson suggests praying in unison with people of other faiths.

Expanding Your Circle of Hospitality by Marilyn Lacey inspires us to contemplate and embody the great religions’ hospitality stories.

Honoring Your Holiness by Ted Falcon explains a Jewish spiritual practice for welcoming the stranger.

Host a Soup Night with Neighbors by Habib Todd Boerger recommends connecting to and building relationships with your neighbors.

In My Heart and In Yours by Macrina Wiederkehr demonstrates of practice of holding others in your heart, seen as a home with many rooms.

Interfaith Dialogue by Wendy M. Wright comments on interfaith dialogue as a practice of friendship and love and as essential work that sustains our communities and world.

Opening Our Heart to Others by Jamal Rahman enjoins us to pay attention to others’ feelings while keeping in mind the sacred presence within them.

The Haves and the Have-Nots by Joyce Rupp provides suggestions for cultivating a welcoming attitude towards people on the margins.

The Holy Spirit and the Energy of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh models hospitality to a holy person of another spiritual tradition.

Three-Day Shabbat by Don Mackenzie, Jamal Rahman, and Ted Falcon offers a multifaith practice that encourages interfaith dialogue.

To Strangers by Christopher Titmuss recommends mantras to help us be loving toward people who are strangers.

Welcoming Emotions by Habib Todd Boerger encourages being open to our feelings as a gateway to being open to the feelings of others.

More Spiritual Practices about Hospitality