• Elijah's Angel: Michael J. Rosen demonstrates how an exchange of gifts between a Jewish boy and an elderly Christian barber is an act of acceptance and hospitality.
  • Grandpa's Soup: Eiko Kadono is a richly spiritual story that affirms the practice of sharing and hospitality.
  • Sammy Spider's New Friend: Sylvia A. Rouss has written a spiffy story illustrating the vitality of the Jewish practice of hospitality.
  • Immi's Gift: Karin Littlewood presents a story of a little girl living in an igloo who is hospitable to animal guests.
  • So Close: Natalia Colombo depicts the need for kindness and hospitality in city living.
  • A Dragon Moves In: Lisa Falkenstern proves that disappointments and seeming disasters can be turned into something good through hospitality.

More Children's Books about Hospitality